Cloud-Based Customer Service Platforms

There are several different types of cloud-based customer service platforms. Whether you’re in need of a basic CRM or a more robust solution, there are many ways to get the help you need without breaking the bank. There’s Zoho Desk, Freshdesk, Zendesk, and Freskdesh. These software tools offer a wide range of customer-facing capabilities, including email support, telephony, chat, and mobile.


With LiveAgent, you can manage all your customer interactions in one central place. The software also provides an integrated marketing automation platform. Your customers can subscribe to mailing lists, get personalized messages, or use the chat function. You can customize your platform with features like chatbots and bots to help you market to your customers.

LiveAgent integrates with popular social networks and has built-in integration capabilities. It also offers tools to monitor and respond to social media mentions and messages. 65% of people between the ages of 18 and 34 believe that social media is an effective customer service channel. This feature makes it easy to monitor and respond to social media conversations.


Freshdesk offers numerous features to help you manage your help desk. The platform offers in-built reports and analytics to help you analyze the performance of your help desk. With these reports, you can save time by eliminating the need to manually input data. You can also use Freshdesk’s new visualization capabilities to present large volumes of data visually. You can also customize the Freshdesk Analytics report to your needs. This will allow you to build reports on the fly without having to learn complex coding.

Freshdesk allows you to share your knowledge base with other team members and customers. It is also easy to assign tickets to agents, and you can collaborate with them on various aspects of the tickets. It even allows you to create preset responses for commonly asked questions. Freshdesk also helps you track and manage your agents’ efficiency. The platform also has tools that let you manage SLAs and prioritize tickets.


Zendesk is a cloud-based service platform that allows customer service teams to track and answer customer queries on different communication channels. Using the platform, companies can track support requests, answer questions quickly, and measure the effectiveness of customer service agents. The software is easy to use and implement, and all of its features work out of the box. It provides the CRM tools that are required for a modern customer service department, and it can be scaled to meet the needs of large businesses.

One of the best features of Zendesk is the ability to integrate with external systems. Its API makes it easy to integrate with other systems, such as chatbots and AI systems like Google Assistant. It also supports customization.


Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer service platform that helps small and medium-sized businesses improve customer service. It automates tedious tasks and streamlines conversations across multiple communication channels. It also offers self-service capabilities and collaboration across team members. It is a great fit for small-to-medium-sized businesses, freelancers, and enterprise companies.

It streamlines customer support workflows and knowledge base management. It enables teams to collaborate effectively and track the use of customer knowledge bases. It also allows users to have real-time access to all data and updates. This translates into higher customer satisfaction and more productivity.


LogicNow is a cloud-based customer service platform for IT professionals. It offers a fully integrated customer service portal and email management solution, and can be installed in minutes. This platform also provides integrated social media features and allows for integration with other software applications. This platform also provides detailed reporting and is highly customizable.

LOGICnow has over 8,000 customers around the world, ranging from start-ups to large international organizations. Its ITSM suite includes MAX Risk Intelligence, MAX Backup & Disaster Recovery, and MAX Mail. The company recently launched an update to MAX ServiceDesk, which features a streamlined user interface and specific improvements for MSPs.

LOGICnow is a market leader in integrated cloud-based IT service management solutions. Its MAX Service Desk mobile application is available on the iOS and Android platforms. The app provides IT professionals with real-time visibility into customer support.